The following is the terms and conditions of the use of the Online Feedback System and your right and obligation while accessing and /or using the service of this system.
If you access this website, it is a recognition and agreement that you are bound to the terms and conditions and hereby constitute an agreement between you as a consumer (the informer) and us, The High Court In Sabah & Sarawak (HCSS) to access and/or use of this system.

The use and/or your access to this system will eventually be regarded as acceptance of the terms and conditions.


(1) Limitation of Liability

As a informer, you are clearly understand and agree that HCSS shall not responsible for any loss, directly or indirectly, related or special, consequential or exemplary, including but not limited to the damages for loss of profits, belief or other intangible losses resulting from:

  • the use or inability to use this service;
  • the related cost of using the system, data, information or service or message received or transactions entered into through or from this site;
  • unauthorized access or changes in delivery or your data;
  • statement or action by third party in this site; or
  • other matters related to this site.

(2)  Confidentiality

  • HCSS shall not be responsible for any leakage of the information related to the deviation if it is exposed due to the negligence of your own.

(3) Responsibility of the Informer

  • The informer shall provide the truth report supported by relevant proof evidence.
  • If the submitted report is untruth, the disciplinary action shall be taken against the informer.

(4)  Responsibility of HCSS

  • All the reports received through this system is kept confidential and the identity of the informer shall be secured unless the informer insist to have otherwise.