Welcome to the Sarawak Court Portal

Sarawak court have excelled in terms of information technology and innovation. Notwithstanding the fact that the industry is conventionally renowed for being sceptical of change and innovation, this is untrue of the legal communities in Sarawak who are accustomed to technology as a fundamental and ingrained aspect of our lives. The Courts in Sarawak under the tutelage of the Office of The Chief Registrar of the Federal Court of Malaysia (PKPMP) are very much dedicated in creating a legal eco-system that delivers a seamless amalganation of services for court users.

Legal technology is a tool that cannot be ignored in the context of the information age and it is encouraging to see how its manifold uses have been harnessed to serve the ends of justice. Tremendous transformation have taken place and the usage of technology has been a central feature of this transformation, where everything is now uploaded, downloaded and accessible with a touch of a finger. Over the past years, services such as e-Kiosk, e-Leave, e-Jamin, Artificial Intelligence for Data Sentencing Module, Self-Represented Litigant Module, enhancement of Case Management System (CMS) and Video Conferencing of Sabah Sarawak Courts (VCOSS) have been introduces to ensure equal access to justice for all regardless of status and creed anywhere and anytime.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreaciation to the Committee of Corporate Communication Division, Officers and Staff of Sarawak Courts for their continuos commitment, support, integrity and perseverance to meet the ever-increasing expectation of legal services entrusted upon them. My wish for this Portal to be fully utilised y the public so as to reflect out commitment to continuosly strive to enchance the quality of services in every aspect of the court system.

Director of Sarawak Courts

Steve Ritikos
Director of Sarawak Courts